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  Engineering CDROMS
  We are the leading groups in designing educational CDs. So far we have designed and developed T.Y.BCS practical CDs. This is a perfect guide for T.Y.BCS students which is provided with audio visuals. Our next products to be launched are also based on FY,SY and MCM syllabus. We also take initiative to create and design entertainment Cds i.e; All variety of products under one roof. All visualization and concepts of any categorized CD is done by our experts.
  Digital Electronics
    Number System & Data Representation
Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra & Arithmetic Circuits
Combinational Circuits
Sequential Circuits
Data Converters
Memory Devices
  Linear Electronics
    Introduction to Components
Networks & Network Theorems Semiconductors
Bipolar Junction Transistors
Field Effect Transistors
Transistor Amplifiers
Differential Amplifiers
Operational Amplifiers
Oscillators & Multivibrators
  Introduction to Computers
    Computer System Characteristics and Capabilities
Data Organization
Operating System (DOS)
Awk and Shell Programming
Access, Security and Computer Viruses
Computer Networks
Introduction to Communication & Internet Protocols
Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Application Software
  C Programming
    Computer Fundamentals
Algorithms & Flowcharts
Introduction to languages Origin Of C
Declaring Variables, Operators
Statements In
Functions In C
Structures, Unions Enumerated Data
Type, Typedef
File Handling 
C- Pre-Processor
Graphics Using C
  C++ Programming
    Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
Beginning With C++
Tokens, Expressions and Control Structures
Functions in C++
Classes and Objects
Constructors and Destructors
Operator Overloading and Type Conversions
Inheritance: Extending Classes
Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism 
Managing Console I/O Operations
Working With Files
Manipulating Strings
Examples C++
  File Structure & Database concepts
    Storage Structures
File Organization
Tree Structure Indexing
Hash-Based Indexing
Database Management Systems
Data Models
Relational Databases
Problems on DBMS
SQL, Query Optimization
Relational Database Design
Procedural SQL
Transaction Concepts
Database Security Concepts
Crash and Recovery
Client/Server Technology
Examples on SQL
  Data Structures & Algorithm
    Data Structure Concepts
Algorithm Concepts
Linked Lists
Sorting Algorithms
Search Algorithms
Symbol Tables
  System Programming & Operating System Problems
    Introduction to System Software
Loaders & Linkage Editor
Operating System Problems
  Software Engineering
    System concept, Integrated systems, ubsystems, modules
Role of Systems analysts and others in system development
System Development Life Cycle
Fact Finding Methods
Diff. Approaches to Software development Stru. Analysis and Design
Method and Software
User Interface Design
Codes Designing for field values
Types of Data Processing
Case Studies
  Data Communication & Networking
    Computer Networks
The Physical Layer
Data Link Layer
Network Layer
Network Sharing
Components of LAN
Sharing Computer Resources
Using File Servers
Using NetWare
Using Unix LANs
Managing Networks
Building WAN From LANs
  Theoretical Computer Science
    FA & Regular Expressions
Push Down Automata
Properties of Regular Sets
Context Free Grammar
Introduction to Turing Machine
  Compiler Construction
    Context Free Grammar
Regular Expression
First & Follow
Shift Reduce
LL(1) / Predictive Parser
LR(1) Parser
SLR(0) Parser
Operator Precedence Parser
  Java Programming
    Introduction of Java Programming
Java - Programming Fundamentals
Classes and Objects Interface- need / function
Exception handling
Event programming
;   Advance JAVA
    Java I/O
Networking with Java
Java Web Servers
Java Beans
  CNC Programming
    NC Machine Tools
CNC Technology
NC Part Programming for Lathe machine
Part Programming for milling and drilling machine
APT Programming
    Introduction To Mechatronic
Overview Of Sensors And Transducers
Signal Conditioning
Data Presentation And Data Logging System
Study Of Different Applications Of Mechatronics As A Case Study
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