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रक्तरंगी मंगळ
मानवी मनावर मंगळाचा प्रभाव, हिंदू पुराणातील मंगळ, ग्रीक लोककथा, कोपर्निकसची क्रांती , केपलराचे नियम , मंगळावरील आभासी कालवे,More
Understanding Science
Content : Stars & our Solar System, Biological Diversity, Atmospheric Pressure , More
Digital Electronics
Content : Number Systems and Binary Arithmatic, Data Representation and Codes, , More
Space Shuttle
Content : Kennady Space Center, Description of Space Shuttle, Launching & Landing, More
Science and Technology Part - I
Content : World of Matter, Understanding Matter, Inside the Atom, Counting Matter, More
File Structure & Database Concepts
Content : File Organizations DBMS,Relational Data Model, Relational Algebra , More
Virtual Tour of Solar System
Content : Milky Way Galaxy, Comet, Uranus, Mars, Mercury,Venus, Moon, Sun, Earth , More
Science and Technology Part - II
Content : School of Elements, Chemical Reactions, Chemistry of Acids and Bases , More
Other Engneering CDROM'S
King of Stars The Moon
Content : Effects of the moon on Human Mind, Internal Structure, Rotation and Revolution, Tides, , More
Content : Similarity, Circle, Geometric Constructions, Trigonometry,Co-ordinate Geometry, Mensuration , More
Upcomeing CDROM'S
  Interview Preparation for Java Ashwamedh Launches its new product.Java Uselets for Interview preparation.
Content : Bhaskaracharya, Mathematics, Astronomy , More
English for All
Content : Basic of English Grammar, Sentences and Construction of sentences, Clauses , More
  Ashwamedh Launches its new product for all those who want to know everything about computer.
Welcome To Future
Content : Constellation Program, Future Aero planes, Space Hotel, Space Colony, More
जस्ट डू इ
पदार्थाचे विविध गुणधर्म , हवेचे गुणधर्म, यांत्रिकी , ऊर्जा , उष्णता , प्रकाश , More
The Earth
Content : Evolution of Earth, Motion of Earth, Rocks, Minerals, Oceans , Atmosphere, More
सर्वांसाठी संस्कृत
संभाषण, प्रासंगिक संभाषण, शालेय सुलभ व्याकरण , सुभाषिते, साहित्यकार, साहित्याचा इतिहास , More
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